Furniture collection

The Museum of Estonian Architecture’s furniture collection was established for the accumulation of furniture and interior-design objects designed by architects.

A chair designed by architect Edgar Johan Kuusik for the Tallinn Social House’s restaurant “Centrum” (1925) was the first piece of furniture in the museum’s collection.

Standing as examples of furniture in the so-called “Estonian style” propagated during the 1930s are chairs with woven seats and ornamental national motifs (architects Edgar Velbri, August Volberg).

A chair made of flexed plywood from the legendary café “Pegasus” represents 1960s modernism (designer Väino Tamm).

In connection with an exhibition, close to ten items produced by the A. M. Luther Factory were later added to the collection; among these are quite interesting two-seat, flexed-plywood benches from the late 1880s (from the so-called “American series”), as well as a folding deck chair that features novel construction (ca 1890).

The collection is also complemented by a small selection of design furniture from the 1970s–1980s (authors Helle and Taevo Gans, Ivi Schneider, Maile Grünberg, Toivo Raidmets, Eero Jürgenson, and others).


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