By Andres Kurg and Mari Laanemets, designed by Indrek Sirkel.

This voluminous work includes 799 color and black and white illustrations from the exhibition that staged a meeting point for scientific predictions and futuristic fantasies that were manifested in architecture and art from the 1960s to the 1980s. Bringing together…

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Raamatu "Betoonist võlutud" kaas

Miracles in Concrete. Structural Engineer August Komendant is the first comprehensive assessment of the legacy of structural engineer August Komendant (1906–1992). The book, in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name—first exhibited at the Estonian Museum of Architecture from January 10 through July 26, 2020—provides an overview of Komendant’s…

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Urban space is like an atlas of architecture, a park of sculptures or a history book filled with stories of past ideologies. “Observing Power” is an exhibition based on the photo collection of the Estonian Museum of Architecture and explores the power relations between architecture and photography, located somewhere…

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The first overview of the rich legacy of Estonian holiday and summer cottage architecture, focusing on the most widespread building types that helped make holidays available to a large share of the population in the Soviet period: holiday complexes for state companies, hunting and fishing cabins, tent camping sites…

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Editor: Triin Ojari
Texts: Elnara Taidre, Triin Ojari
Graphic design: Jaanus Samma
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2019
Paralleel texts in Estonian and English

Price: 18 €

Richly illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition where two renown Estonian artists Arne Maasik and Mare Vint presented their works together for the first time. The publication is focused to…

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Compiled by Karin Hallas-Murula
Translator: Krista Mits
Designer: Angelika Schneider
Tallinn, 2020

Estonian Museum of Architecture is pleased to announce a new, updated and revised edition of Tallinn Architecture 1900–2020. Architecture Guide.

This comprehensive guidebook written by the architectural historian Karin Hallas-Murula aims to foster visitors’ interest not only in the Old Town, but also…

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Compiler: Sandra Mälk
Designer: Brit Pavelson
Texts: Mare Torm, Sandra Mälk, Kadri Klementi, Anna-Liisa Unt, Ivi-Els Schneider, Sandra Nuut
Kujundaja: Brit Pavelson
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2019
paperback, 194 pages
in Estonian and English

Price: 15 €

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Compiler: Jarmo Kauge
Designer: Laura Pappa
Photographer: Kaido Haagen
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2018
paperback, 300 p
in Estonian and English

Price: 20 €

Accompanying the Museum of Estonian Architecture exhibition “To the New World: Estonian Architects in Toronto”, this book provides a thorough overview of the work and lives of architects of Estonian origin who…

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Joonistatud ruum

Editors: Sandra Mälk, Mait Väljas, Anne Lass, Triin Ojari
Graphic design: Kristo Kooskora
Publisher: Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2018
The book is in Estonian and English.
hardcover, 216 pages

Price: 25 €

The core of a museum is its collections. One of the most prized parts of the Museum of Estonian Architecture’s collection is architectural…

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Editors: Mait Väljas, Carl-Dag Lige
Texts: Mait Väljas, Carl-Dag Lige, Sandra Mälk, Triin Ojari, Teele Jürivete
Designers: Koit Randmäe, Brit Pavelson
Translators: Adam Cullen, Tuuli Köller, A&A Lingua
Museum of Estonian Architecture, 2nd edition 2018 (1st edition 2015)

Price: 12 €

Updated edition of the visually generous short introduction to Estonian architecture

Originally published in 2015,…

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