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Flower Pavilion at 26 Pirita Road, Tallinn

Valve Pormeister, design 1958, completed 1960 (sanguine, watercolour).

Architect Valve Pormeister, who graduated university in garden- and park design, claimed that nature was an intrinsic component of her, which was why she often put landscape first in…

Sketches of Tallinn’s Väike-Õismäe residential neighbou...

Mart Port, ca 1968 (felt-tip pen, paper)

When designing the Väike-Õismäe residential neighbourhood, Mart Port and Malle Meelak – a shining tandem of Soviet-Estonian urban planning – seized the opportunity to shape it into an ideal…

Dr Spock’s residence

Tiit Kaljundi, architectural competition 1975, perspective drawing 1984, unrealised (coloured pencil, India ink, paper).

Tiit Kaljundi’s relationship with Soviet Estonia’s official architectural scene was conflicted, as one may have expected from an avant-garde artist. The ruling power saw monotonous mass apartment blocks as…

Johannes Orro’s dwelling at 97 Raudtee Street, Nõmme, Tal...

Edgar Velbri, design 1932, constructed (India ink, tracing paper).

Bustling Nõmme had already grown from a holiday village to a reasonably-sized town (possessing town privileges from 1926–1940, after which it became a district of Tallinn) when café-owner…

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