Estonian Museum of Architecture
Rotermanni Soolaladu
Ahtri 2
Tallinn 10151


tel +372 625 7000
fax +372 625 7003


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Vehicle parking is free for museum visitors in the event of necessary errands. The visitor’s parking lot is located in the area between Mere Blvd and the Rotermann Salt Storage building. Exemption from the parking fee is only applied if the visitor registers his or her license-plate number upon purchasing a ticket at the museum.


Visiting the museum during the COVID-19 pandemic

With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Visit Tallinn we confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the Government and the Health Board of Estonia ( established for our industry or field, that we keep up to date with the information, and that we help visitors comply with the infection-prevention guidelines on site. 

*Hand sanitizer is available at museum entrance.

*We regularly clean and disinfect the most used surfaces.

*We have installed plexiglass at the information desk.

*Anyone who wishes can buy a face mask from our museum shop.

*There are disposable gloves available next to the interactive exhibits.

Dear visitor

*Pleas wear a mask!

*Please maintain a distance from other visitors.

*Please disinfect your hands.

*The museum reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone exhibiting obvious signs of illness.

More information HERE.