Houses that we need


Houses that we need

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The Museum of Estonian Architecture asks: What kinds of houses do we need? The 16 architects and artists invited to take part in the museum’s 30th anniversary exhibition were asked to design a notional house with the aim of ensuring a more beautiful, secure and peaceful future on planet Earth. What kinds of fantastic, utopian, ironic, or, conversely, critical and pragmatic solutions do architects and designers propose when someone gives them a chance to think without restrictions?

These are the houses that we need by Anna-Liisa Unt, The School of Architecture, b210, Elina Liiva and Helena Rummo, Johanna Jõekalda and Artur Staškevitš, Kadarik Tüür Architects, KUIDAS, Leonhard Lapin, LLRRLLRR, Margit Mutso and Inke-Brett Eek, molumba, PART, Raoul Kurvitz, and Stuudio Tallinn.

In this catalogue, animal ecologist Tuul Sepp and architect Kalle Komissarov also discuss the same topic.