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Shop “Silla” in Pärnu

Rein Heiduk, 1964. EAM 6.4.7:76. Photo: Rein Vainküla

In 1968, a newly opened shop designed by Rein Heiduk on Silla street in Pärnu attracted the attention of passers-by with a modern look. Reminiscent of a glass pavilion, the store “Silla” hid food products on the first floor and industrial goods on the second floor. When writing about the architecture of the building, the architectural historian Leonid Volkov has referred to its connections with both the international style and the constructivism of the 1920s (L. Volkov’s manuscript “Eesti arhitektuur 1940-1989. Part II, p. 103). The Estonian Consumers’ Cooperative Union (ETKVL) was responsible for the fresh production of the store network that consolidated the pan-Estonian trade network and, for example, opened the Tapa department store, which was also designed by Rein Heiduk (1966). In 1994, Leonid Volkov’s wife Helga Volkov handed over a manuscript dedicated to Estonian architecture to the museum along with a rich photo collection. The house was photographed by Rein Vainküla. Text: Sandra Mälk

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Interior design for the Trall kindergarten in Pärnu KEK

1975–1978, Helle Gans. EAM 4.14.2

The interiors of the nursery school and crèche situated in the Pärnu Kolkhoz Construction Office residential quarter is one of a kind. The dynamics of the corridors, arising from the colour patterns from the signs in the ceiling, helped and directed children to the rooms of their group. The drawing contains several views. The layouts of the corridors are complemented by a group room in axonometrical view, which was furnished with expressive colourful furniture upon completion. Interior architect Helle Gans was guided by the realization that children reducen everything to the level of play. For that reason, the fold-out furniture and interior design are both functional and playful, stimulating children’s imaginations. The kindergarten displayed here is in line with the modern concept of the Pärnu KEK campus and takes after the pop-like infographic (Villu Järmut and Taevo Gans) of the inner street of the terraced apartment building Kuldne Kodu (Golden Home). In the year 2008 Andres Ringo gave the drawings to the museum. Text: Sandra Mälk

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