Erika Nõva “My Work and Life”

Compiled by: Anne Lass
Designer: Irina Tammis
English summary
Tallinn, 2006

Out of print

The memoirs of Erika Nõva (1905–1987), titled “My Work and Life”, were published by the Museum of Estonian Architecture. In it, Erika Nõva recalls her years studying at the Tallinn Technical University, from which she graduated as Estonia’s first female architect in 1931 and working at the Chamber of Agriculture’s New-Settlement Board designing new living areas and small holdings, as well as designing the State English College building (now Tallinn University) together with architect Alar Kotli in 1938–1939. Erika Nõva colourfully describes the completion of an entry for an international competition to design an athletics building, which won 2nd place in 1939. The textual portion of the book is complemented by photos of Erika Nõva’s projects and other historical images.