The best works of the architecture competitions for the basic schools of Jõhvi, Kärdla, Sillamäe and Võsu



26.05. – 07.06.2020

Ever since 2018, there have been increasingly more architecture competitions in Estonia for new school buildings. The Estonian Association of Architects organised three of them: Jõhvi Basic School, Kärdla Basic School and Sillamäe Old Town School. In addition, the State Real Estate Company and local governments have organised various types of architecture competitions for new state secondary school and basic school buildings, with the Estonian Association of Architects included in the coordination process and its members in the jury. Out of the given competitions, Võsu Basic School and kindergarten have also been included in the current exhibition.

Participation in the competitions has been likewise increasingly active – there were five entries submitted for the first one in Kärdla while the last competitions for Võsu and Sillamäe schools included already 15 and 21 entries respectively. This shows the architects’ growing interest in designing educational spaces as well as the relevant role of the Estonian Association of Architects in modernising school architecture. The attempt to reorganise the Estonian school network has gained ground with the architects making their major contribution by aligning the educational spaces with the new concept of learning.

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