Nest Boxes and Other Houses. Architect Ott Puuraid

09.09. – 30.09.2014

Location: Elva huviala- ja kultuurikeskus Sinilind.

Unique houses that resemble bird nesting boxes are two of the most interesting landmarks that Ott Puuraid (1904–1986) introduced to the cityscape as the chief architect of post-war Viljandi. Predating his Viljandi period, many modernistic buildings that he designed as a young architect have also survived. The exhibition shows original architectural plans and sketches from which we can get a glimpse of the more artistic side of the architect and of the different stages of designing a building. As an example of the “nest box”, a brand new model of Ott Puuraid’s very own house in Viljandi at 14 Ranna Avenue (1947–1955) has been made for the occasion.

The exhibition also offers a booklet.

“I must say, that construction was designed with function in mind, it took into account the cardinal points, had good content and was easily accessible. Everything was organically bound. /…/ With that in mind it seemed that everything they had shown there is absolutely true and worth following.”

– Ott Puuraid’s recollection of his praxis in Finland at Alvar Aalto’s functionalist Paimio Sanatorium in 1932.

Curator: Sandra Mälk
Designer: Koit Randmäe