International Architectural Competition of Building for Arvo Pärt Centre



21.06. – 31.08.2014

In collaboration with the Union of Estonian Architects, the Arvo Pärt Centre had announced a two-stage competition for designing a building for the Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa, near Tallinn. The aim of the competition was to find the best architectural solution for the building, which will house the Arvo Pärt archive at its core. 20 architectural offices were selected to the second stage of the competition.

June 20 the award ceremony and the opening of the exhibition will take place in The Museum of Estonian Architecture. The winning entries and their authors will be announced.

The Arvo Pärt Centre was founded in 2010 by Arvo Pärt and his family. The building of the Arvo Pärt Centre will be located in Laulasmaa, on the Lohusalu peninsula. The heart of the centre is the Arvo Pärt archive and the new building can accommodate visitors and researchers. 


Photo of Arvo Pärdi
(2009, Laulasmaa).
Photo: Kaarel Mikkin