Idea competition for Estonian Puppet Theatre’s extension



06.11. – 30.11.2013

Entries to the “Architectural Concept Competition for the Estonian State Puppet Theatre Annex

State Real Estate AS in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Nuku Foundation formally announced today the authors of winning entries in a concept competition organised to find an architectural solution for the new Estonian State Puppet Theatre annex. The authors of the entry titled “Nagu Teile Meeldib” (“As You Like”), which was deemed worthy of first place, turned out to be Risto Parve, Kai Süda, Diana Taalfeld, and Kristo Kaskpeit of the company OÜ Karisma Arhitektid.

The planned size of the annex to the theatre building located at Nunne St. 8, Lai St. 1 / Nunne St. in Tallinn is nearly 1/3 of the existing structures’ total volume. It was recommended that the new theatre auditorium be able to seat 500 people. In addition, there are plans to build more utility spaces for heating and ventilation, as well as storage spaces for lighting, sound- and video equipment. The design likewise calls for the erection of an outdoor terrace and the installation of an elevator, which will guarantee special-needs persons’ access to both the NUKU Museum and the existing Puppet Theatre auditoriums.

The jury assessed the competition entries on their placement of spaces according to the building’s function, energy-efficiency and exploitation costs, building efficiency, the size of costs over the course of the building’s lifespan, its architectural solution, and how it fits into the surrounding urban space.