Estonian Farm Architecture. Constant and Changing



21.06. – 31.08.2014

June 21 to August 31 2014, at the Rotermann Salt Storage (Ahtri 2)

The exhibition covering Estonian farm architecture from ancient times to 1949 is the largest and most comprehensive one ever staged on this subject.

The way that farm architecture is approached shifts both the temporal and essential borders. The earlier exhibitions focused on old heritage architecture, and especially the evolution of the barn-dwelling. In this exhibition we also give an overview of the newer farm architecture of modern times. Cultural changes during the past few hundreds of years, which brought along a break with several former traditions, were concerned with all the spheres of life. We bring to the fore the changes that have occurred in farm architecture, which are most clearly manifested in the dwelling-house, but also involve all the buildings and facilities up to the earth closet.

Author: Heiki Pärdi
Curator: Elo Lutsepp
Design by Jan Skolimowski (KAMP Arhitektid)
Graphic design and implementation: AKU
Supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, The Museum of Estonian Architecture, EstNor OÜ, Saulerman OÜ, Sadolin, ESSVE

Seieri talu saun Foto: H. Pärdi, 2013

Photo: H. Pärdi, 2013