Devoted to Old Architecture. Fredi Tomps 90



26.04. – 13.05.2018

Fredi-Armand Tomps, who celebrates his 90th birthday this year, is one of the most legendary protectors of Estonian heritage who, as a restoration architect, led the reconstruction of most of the largest monuments during the Soviet era. He was one of the founders of the Estonian Open Air Museum and Lahemaa National Park and was also engaged in the reconstruction of Narva, which was destroyed in the war. Tomps’ greatest works as the long-standing head of the Cultural Heritage Protection Authority of the republic included the reconstruction of historical urban centres in Estonia and the revival of manor centres, where he has managed to adapt the historical architecture to embrace modern life. Most successful among these are Sagadi Manor in Lääne-Viru County, Saka Manor in Ida-Viru County and Pädaste Manor in Muhu County. This exhibition provides an inspiring insight into one of the most active periods in the history of Estonian heritage conservation.

Compiled by: Fredi-Armand Tomps

Coordinated by: Sandra Mälk

The exhibition is accompanied by a film Fredi Tomps: Reviver of Times Lost (by Margit Mutso, 2017).