Screening of the János Sugár film “Persian Walk”

János Sugár is part of the exhibition “Forecast and Fantasy: architecture without borders 1960s to 1980s”. Sugár (b. 1958) is a sculptor and a film director, he is the founder and professor of the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

The film “Persian Walk” follows two people walking through the streets of downtown Budapest in 1985. Their conversation is cut from various daily news, economic and weather forecasts. Another sound layer is added to this: two singing voices comment on what is seen and heard on the screen – as if two voices from the future, watching an old movie.

The film’s title refers to Montesquieu’s “Persian Letters” (1721), where modern French reality was described through the eyes of a loyal stranger, the Prince of Persia. Sugár explores the ways to see and perceive our modern times. Sight is not just an optical matter, it is affected by various factors such as the attitudes of the era, knowledge and cultural context. When they disappear, vision becomes opaque – just as what we don’t notice today may turn out to be visible in the future.

János Sugár. The Persian Walk (Perzsa séta), 1985.

16 mm, color, 54 min, in Hungarian. Balázs Béla Studio.

Camera: Tamás Sas

Music: Gábor Litván

Actors: Gábor Hollósi, András Tótfalusi

Singers: Gábor Litván, Magda Tarkó

The Estonian text is presented live by Eva Koldits, Liisbet Kala, Rasmus Kaljujärv and Saamuel Pilpak, the Hungarian-Estonian translation is by Lea Kreinin.

The screening is supported by the Cultural Endowment.

Entrance with a museum ticket.