On Friday, May 12th at 5 pm exhibition “Young Polish Architects 2.5D” will be opened with a lecture evening

On Friday, May 12th at 5 pm exhibition “Young Polish Architects 2.5D” will be opened with a lecture evening about contemporary Polish architecture

The contemporary architecture of the large country of Poland is rather little known in Estonia – a shortcoming this exhibition and the lecture evening will try to bridge, at least in terms of young Polish architects. The projects presented at the exhibition solve spatial problems in various contexts, and a variety of scales and programmes are also represented. From temporary installations to large public buildings – every project has a story to tell. There are tower buildings in large cities, projects for forgotten wastelands, but also in colourful suburbs, small settlements and villages. Among these are buildings that the architects themselves have invested in, or helped to build with their own hands, as well as projects completed thanks to a long-standing educational campaign or winning architectural competitions and commissions direct from the client. Mostly buildings that are socially active.

The architects participating in the exhibition are all around 40 years of age, which means they still remember what it is to live in the shadow of the Soviet Union. That said, they started their professional careers at a time when both countries entered the European Union (Poland and Estonia entered in 2004). This generation has a need to discover themselves anew, looking to get to the essence of architect’s profession.

The principal ideas for the projects are presented in 2.5D format, familiar from computer games, old fashioned dioramas or children’s books. The models were constructed in dialogue with the architects of the buildings and are made using layered panels, which show the principles on which they were built. The exhibited architects are Centrala, Beton, WWAA, BBGK, JNA, BudCud, Vostock and others.

The exhibition will open with a lecture evening on Polish contemporary architecture. First, the curator, Łukasz Wojciechowski will introduce the exhibition and the participating architects.

Dr. Łukasz Wojciechowski (born 1978) lectures at Wrocław University of Science and Technology and works in his own architecture office VROA Architekci. In addition to designing, he is also an active curator and researcher (most recently for a large exhibition at the Museum of Architecture, Wrocław about the modernist Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak – the most famous female Polish architect). He also participated in the 2013 Tallinn Architecture biennale TAB symposium and his vision for the regeneration of Pirita Olympic Yachting complex was exhibited as part of the TAB curator’s exhibition.

The second speaker, Grzegorz Piątek (born 1980) is an architect by education, but works mainly as a critic and curator. From 2005–2011 he was the editor of the architecture magazine “Architektura-murator”. He is co-founder of the architecture centre and publishing house Centrum Architektury (Warsaw) and co-author of many history and architecture books focusing on Warsaw. His biography of the legendary 1930s mayor of Warsaw, Stefan Starzyński, who was awarded the Order of the Cross of the Eagle second class by Estonia in 1935, was published in 2016. He was co-curator of the Polish Pavilion at the XI Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2008, where the exhibition “Hotel Polonia” won the Golden Lion for best national exhibition. Currently, he is writing a book about the rebuilding of Warsaw after the war, and a doctoral thesis on architectural and city planning exhibitions in Warsaw in the 1930s.

The lectures will be held in English.

The exhibition is opened until 6th August 2017.

Curators: Łukasz Wojciechowski, Mait Väljas
Exhibition design: Łukasz Wojciechowski
Graphic design: Michał Majewski
Production: Adam Mickiewicz Institute, acting under its brand Culture.pl
Models: Onimo
Supporter: Cultural Endowment of Estonia

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